Thursday, January 27, 2011

eBay seller uniqueantique781 is a scammer fraud thief:

EBAY BUYERS BEWARE of seller UNIQUEANTIQUE781 MICHAEL HAIZE OF ACUSHNET MASS  ebay username of  UNIQUEANTIQUE781 Just want this to get out there for google searches for these people.  eBay seller is uniqueantique781 by the name of Michael Haize of Acushnet Massachusetts. He lists auctions then never delivers.  He steals buyers money.  His PayPal account he uses for buyers to pay through for winning his auctions is under under Marsha Ward of Massachusetts.  At this time, there were at least 2 auctions recently, mine ended on January 1st 2011. This seller never responded to numerous emails/messages sent through eBay.  He never delivered!  And I have sent 4 requests through PayPal requesting a refund of my payment for this auction since he defaulted on his contract on eBay. Buyers beware of this guy if eBay doesn't ban his account.  He is a thief fraud scam. Hopefully eBay will get my money back from this guy for me.